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Glass Etch


Vehicles Are Marked With A Police Traceable ID Number

• Law Enforcement Agencies Are Assisted In Identifying The True Owner And Recovery
• Professional Thieves Consider Protected Vehicles A Less Desirable Target
• Approximately 400 vehicle thefts are reported in Canada every day. Many are stolen for
the purpose of reselling the automobile or its component parts
• Vehicle components marked with traceable identifiers cannot be easily sold. These
components must be removed and replaced, eliminating profit for thieves
• Possession of components that can be traced to stolen vehicles is punishable by law. Upon
considering risk vs. reward, thieves tend to move on to unmarked vehicles rather than
attempt to steal traceable assets.

Traditional Window Etching

• Easy To Apply
• Up To 8 Windows Are Treated With A Stencil And Etch Cream
• Window Warning Sticker Clearly Indicates Vehicle Is Protected

*See your dealer for full contract details. This program is not available in B.C.